Our Story

Our founders, share a love for all things stylish, comfortable and eco-friendly.

Through the Bam Sox brand, they have somehow managed to marry the three in one remarkable pair of socks, and want to share it with world.

They have created a product that can go with you to that interview that scores you your dream job, the advertising pitch that signs the client, Friday night drinks with the boys and even your wedding day! They have given the upmost quality and care into every pair so you can enjoy life from the toes up!

After many a sleepless nights, the dream to provide stylish, high-quality socks with timeless designs to the working man has now become a reality for them.


“Luxury is simplicity”

Our founders believe that luxury is derived from the most classic patterns and designs. The Bam Sox owners hand pick every colour and every shape included on each sock to ensure maximum wearability.


Not only are Bam Sox’s designed with look in mind, but comfort. Our founders believe that every day starts from the ground up! In order to achieve maximum comfort, bamboo was no doubt the weapon of choice!

Bam Sox’s bamboo sox’s are thermo regulating, moisture wicking, hypo-allergenic and not to mention, extremely comfortable.


Bamboo is pretty amazing in that it grows quickly and regenerates without replanting.  Bam Sox chooses to use a material that is free from pesticides and chemicals to ensure an eco-friendly product that does not irritate your skin!